A Commitment to Community

There are nearly a million veterans in NC, how many are on your team?

Veterans make up roughly 10% of our communities. These dedicated men and women have a unique set of skills and abilities that align well with the needs of companies in all verticals. Don't hire a veteran because you should, or have to. Hire a veteran that will bring value to your team, driving your business and its values forward.

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Data-Driven Veteran Hiring

For decades companies have relied on an ineffective and inefficient hiring processes driven by job descriptions, resumes, and mass applications. A typical company will spend countless hours, and thousands of dollars on a single hire, lacking the data necessary to hire with confidence.

At ZeroedIN, we believe that you shouldn't just hire any veteran. You should hire a veteran who brings the right skills to the table, and fits well with your teams culture and mission. The ZeroedIN platform uses Scoutr's technology so you can easily see how each candidate fits with your role, and hire the right people for your team.

Clean Data

ZeroedIN veteran and position profiles standardize data intake, providing our matching algorithms everything it needs to make intelligent recommendations with quantitative data.

Deep Engagement

Growing your team is about more than just experience and skills. Our scientists have developed a 2-part assessment to ensure a veterans fit with you team's culture and a position's work style.

Automated Screening

Our dashboard allows your hiring team to easily screen veterans, giving them a score of 1-100 on how they fit with your position and team, and providing easy access to all additional data on each candidate.

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"Don't hire veterans because you feel it's your moral obligation to do so. Hire veterans because these guys and women can transform your company and make it better. They are model employees."
- Chris Hale

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Deep Engagement Profiles go beyond the resume and job post, evaluating veterans and companies on four key categories:
"KSA's refers to the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities in each profile. This includes Education, Certifications, Skillsets, Industries, Tools, and Areas of expertise."

For Companies, the KSA section refers to the knowledge skills and abilities needed to perform the position at hand. Qualified candidates will have most, if not all of the 10 KSA's needed to do the job well.

"Team Culture refers to the set of expectations team members have for each others' behaviors at work. Cultural alignment between Candidates and their teams are a key part of long term satisfaction with work."

For Companies, we help you identify how your team interacts with each other, and the expectations that sets for future employees. Every team's culture is different, and we want to make sure that each candidate looking to join your team is a good fit.

"Work Style is similar to “personality” and refers to a your natural tendencies and preferences regarding how you go about completing your work. Matches occur when job responsibilities align with a candidates natural tendencies."

For Companies, Work Style is a deeper look at the type of person you expect to succeed most in a specific role. While the team culture section focuses on the Group as a whole, this section focuses on the individual. It is imperative that and employee is a close match for the work style of the position you are are hiring for.

"Performance Review is the ZeroedIN alternative to a reference. It is formatted as a questionnaire, and emailed to candidate selected managers, professors, co-workers, or mentors for them to complete. "

For Companies,  The performance review is your opportunity to see what those who have worked with candidates before have to say. The data is structured in a way that is easily understood and comparable.


ZeroedIN isn't another job board, veterans and companies only see each other when they have been matched and profile's are kept private and not publicly searchable.

Blind Matching

Blind matching prevents candidates from gaming the system based on position description, and biased data is excluded from all profiles ensuring equal opportunity to all candidates.

Correlational Skills Matching

ZeroedIN recognizes that skills and abilities don't exist in a silo. While most other job matching platforms only give you credit for exact matches, in the ZeroedIN platform your score will include full credit for exact matches as well as partial credit for similar matches. This technology enhances your visibility to roles you may not have known you were qualified for.

Veterans put your community first every day that they served.
It's time for the community to put veterans first and provide the resources they need to be successful in the next phase of their Career. ZeroedIN is here to deliver just that.
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