Connecting Local Veterans with Local Companies.

We zero-in on the veteran to business hiring experience, intelligently matching talented veterans with great jobs.

Veteran Founded. Veterans First.

People who served will start civilian life each year.
Of post 9/11 Veterans are under 45 years old.
Won't have a job lined up when they start civilian life.

Our Mission–

Provide every single veteran the chance to be matched with a local employment opportunity.

Every business wants to hire veterans, and every business hires for positions that require the same skill sets obtained by our service-men and women. However, few know exactly where to find them outside of traditional hiring methods. Our mission is not only to connect the two, but to give the companies a more efficient way to hire the best of the best, and give them the confidence that they are making the right decision.

Ease the Burden

Transitioning out of the military is tough enough as it is. Finding civilian employment shouldn't be. Stop blindly applying to hundreds of jobs.

Provide Purpose

Don't settle for just another job. Find a career that aligns with your goals, builds on your existing skillset, and makes you look forward to work.

Inspire Confidence

With ZeroedIN, we find employers who are looking for veterans just like you. We match you with teams that you're already a good fit for.

Your service has allowed you to develop a unique skill set that is just as powerful in civilian jobs as it was in the military. USE IT.

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A Refreshing Approach to a Century-Old Problem

Get to Veterans Early

Roughly 80% of Veterans will start their transition period without any post-military plans. We give them the ability to get ahead and transition to civilian life with a plan.

Connect Local Companies

Local companies have committed to hiring veterans. We present these companies with the tools and opportunity that they need to fulfill this commitment.

Advanced Candidate Matching

Our platform is powered by Scoutr, providing an engine that intelligently matches our veteran to opportunities with precision, assuring every veteran a a good for their new role. Learn More

Why ZeroedIN?

ZeroedIN is approaching the problem from a different angle. We bring the jobs you're qualified for to you, all you have to do is sign-up.
Stop Blindly Applying

If you don't zero-in your weapon, you wont hit your target, the job search isn't much different. We bring precision to the process and increase the chance of hitting your target.

Stay Local

Your military career has been defined by relocation. You don’t have to uproot the kids, change schools, and sell your home. There are plenty of great companies in your backyard. Time to get connected!

Don't Settle

Job satisfaction plays a huge role in happiness. we make the transition to civilian life easier, finding you roles that align with what is important to you.

Find Your Fit

Tell us the skillset that you have and the culture you're looking for and we will find a match for who you are and where you want to be.

Walking in Your Shoes

As a team of young veterans, we have experienced firsthand the transition process, and lets face it – it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to civilian employment.

Companies Are Looking For You

Companies have just as hard a time finding you as you do finding them. ZeroedIN is here to erase that problem. We are the bridge between you and employers looking to hire veterans.

We've been trusted by

Our Team

Maj. Adam Price


“I served 6 years of active duty before transitioning to the Army Reserves in 2014. I was a key part of building Mako Medical, and we built a high performing, veteran driven logistics team solidifying an assertion to the value veterans can bring to the civilian workforce. I started ZeroedIN to show other local companies the immense value that hiring veterans can bring to their organizations like it did with ours."

CW3 (Ret) Clever Prince


“I truly have a passion for those who served and currently serving all over the world. I believe every service member deserves a chance at a lifelong career after fulfilling their military obligation. Simultaneously, businesses are looking for quality candidates and there is no better candidate to get matched with than an Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine or Coast Guard veteran.” 

COL (Ret) Wayland Parker


"Companies in the private sector are in dire need of employees with skills and more importantly, a strong work ethic.  They are clamoring for these types of individuals.  Every veteran has skills and comes with a strong work ethic internalized with their years of selfless service to the nation. At ZeroedIN, we are connecting the dots – forging an easy, no cost pathway for the veteran to fill a need for a company where it is a win-win for all."

Platform Pricing

Hiring veterans shouldn't be cost prohibitive on either side.
So we made sure it isn't.

ZeroedIN is and always will be free for Veterans. All we ask is that you take the time to create a profile today, and share it with other vets you know.

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Veterans put your community first every day that they served.
It's time for the community to put veterans first and provide the resources they need to be successful in the next phase of their career. ZeroedIN is here to deliver just that.